The Strange Little Batcave

Yeah, I know there's nothing here, yet.  So I have a life.  Be patient. While you're waiting, click HERE to view the San Antonio Capfest '03 video! (Warning: file size is a bit over 4.5 MB. It's the best I could do. Come on, I bet you download MP3s all the time that are the same size!)


Check out the much cooler, better-looking

In the meantime, if you're really itching to know about me, go check out my other site, whose contents (or the majority of them, anyway) will eventually be moved here in some way, shape or form.

The most awesome anime character ever. EVER.
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You can find it at .  Or just click on Flappy the flying bat.  Bear in mind that Freeservers recently had a crappy downgrade of their free service, so some things that originally worked (like sounds and videos) MAY no longer function for some reason.  Poopie.  Which is the reason I now have this site, anyway. Also, I know that some links don't work on my Freeservers site, because I removed some pages, so you don't have to write to me and tell me. Thanks.